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(no subject)
haven't been back here in a while!!

but eh
procrastinating as usual

things are good generally, i'm working out kind of, not eating the most healthily but we will get there, slowly saying goodbye to the usa
four years just flew right by and i am not sure what i have to show for it
except that i am more somber and reserved and more inclined to being honest

i am still a lazy person
and that laziness only hurts other people


one of the only things that makes me sometimes sad is -
i want to take the blame, but i also want to shift the blame, and in the end it doesn't really amount to anything except an interlude

maybe one talk will resolve it, maybe it will never be spoken of again.
i am not that kind of person though, and i like to think i know you well enough to say you are not either.


i don't know how
but i really want to be the best.


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